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Community participation

At Synergy Support and Health Care Services we believe that everyone deserves to have fun in their lives and participate in social activities, social events, and recreational activities. We aim to empower our participants to take the opportunity to explore their potential and broaden their horizons to reach and fulfill your goals and ambitions.

Synergy Support and Health Care Services provides community-based supports for people living with disability, where every individual is encouraged to pursue their goals by accessing skills-based learning, recreation and social activities. Synergy SHCS will work together with you and your family or support network to create a personalised plan around your goals and aspirations and identify the programs and supports that will assist you to achieve them. Support can complement your existing informal supports, such as your family, friends and other community members.

At Synergy SHCS we provide flexible, on-demand supports including after-hours, weekends, and holidays. Our friendly and skilled support staff have extensive experience in supporting people with high and complex needs. Synergy SHCS upholds the highest standards of quality and safeguards and aims to actively promote and uphold the fundamental rights of people living with disability as equal citizens.


Our Community Participation supports include but are not limited to

  • Taking part in sports or exercise classes
  • Cooking skills
  • Learning to swim
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Bike Riding
  • Day Trips and Holidays
  • Bowling/ Laser Tag
  • BBQs and Beach Trips
  • Sporting Events and Concerts