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Travel & Transport Assistance

At Synergy Support and Health Care Services we aim to assist our participants with achieving greater independence and promote freedom by assisting with travel and transport. Moving from place to place in daily life is a fluid and ongoing process that gives people the freedom to complete their everyday tasks.

People with disabilities find it difficult to get transportation support and often encounter transport obstacles. Synergy SHCS aims at removing these obstacles by assisting our participants with a wide range of travel and transport methods. Our skilled support staff are qualified and trained to assist participants with private and public transport methods to allow our participants to experience their lives to the fullest and engage in a more productive and deeper manner with their community.

Travel with Synergy SHCS in comfort and ease knowing that all our company and support vehicles are fully insured, clean, competent and road worthy to ensure your journey is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


Some of the activities we provide travel and transport assistance for includes but is not limited to

  • Medical and Dental Appointments
  • Social Events and Public Events/Outings
  • Travel to and from Shopping Centres
  • Classes and Sporting Events/Gyms
  • Travel for Hobbies and Interests
  • Assistance with public transport (Trains, Buses, Light Rail and Ferries).
  • Group Activity Transport